Prof. Aiace Rusciano

the neuroscientist of high
sports performance

The method

Rusciano Neuroplus®

Artificial Intelligence &
Sport brain analytics



Methods, techniques and results

Neuropowering , protecting and raising the athlete's level of health to improve sports performance

  • The health of the athlete

    The health of the athlete is the main asset of any team, organization, body, federation and sports club. In 2010 the WHO (World Health Organization) defined HEALTH as “the ability to adapt and manage oneself in the face of social, physical and emotional challenges”.

  • The Neuroenhancement

    Neuroenhancement refers to the enhancement and targeted extension of cognitive and emotional management skills based on basic neurobiology in healthy people. Technological neuropotentiation uses devices made by neuroscientists and experts in artificial intelligence and big data.

  • High sporting performance

    The peak of performance is given by the increase and continuous monitoring of the athlete-person or team, and of his sub-systems such as the physical-athletic, biochemical, technical-tactical, neuropsychological and socio-environmental area. Through the Neuro-enhancement in Neuro Lab, we act on the optimization of the control of the `` nervous system '' and of the residual resources of the 'brain', with the result of optimizing the performance, health and each subsystem of the athlete-person and squad.

The results
of neuropotentiation

+ Energy, focus and attentional tone
+ Decision making
+ Stress / fatigue control
+ Accident prevention
+ Recovery optimization

Discover the services for sports neuropowering with technological devices.

Sports services

and Brain Analytics at the service of sports clubs

In the world of professional sport, new applications are beginning to be seen within the Sport Science & Human Performance Lab area of the Clubs, based on analysis and monitoring of the athlete's brain in high performance, neuroscience, physiology and artificial intelligence, for the promotion of psycho-physical health and high performance, accident risk prevention and prediction, training planning, global management of the athlete, increase in market value.

As well as the health and performance of players, data and algorithms are also an equally valuable asset for Clubs who can, thanks to the use of data-driven platforms, make strategic decisions more confidently, accelerating and anticipating understanding. / vision of future scenarios.

Benefits of
Sports Brain


1. Evaluation of the potential

Evaluation of the potential of an athlete through neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence.

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2. Value Market Prediction

Scientifically validated indices correlated to the player's economic value.

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3. Programs for increasing performance

Neuroscientific analyzes and scientifically validated indicators with plans for the development of high performance potential through the Rusciano Neuroplus® neuropotentiation method.

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Rusciano Neuroplus®: the first neuropotentiation and neuroanalytics method validated by the CNR


Rusciano Neuroplus® is the first scientifically validated non-invasive and non-pharmacological brain analytics and neuroenhancement method for high performance. The Neuroplus® method has been validated in top Serie A athletes with the CNR (National Research Center) of Rome and Marseille, University of Trieste and the results achieved prove “An enhancement of the“ brain ”and of the athlete's performance. The Neuroplus® method was developed by Prof. Aiace Rusciano integrating neuroscience and neurotechnology skills to improve the psychological as well as physical health and performance of footballers, to reduce and prevent injuries. This method has also been successfully applied in other sports such as golf, fencing, MotoGP, basketball, athletics and boxing, or in managers and the military sector.

Neuropotentiation also in the company

Neurpotentiation devices allow to detect data and have objective parameters to evaluate the potential of collaborators.
The Rusciano Neuroplus® method of neuropowering can also be applied in the business environment with the following benefits:

+ high level of individual and team performance

+ stress management and - burnout risk

+ high level of attention and concentration

+ decision making


Prof. Aiace Rusciano: the neuroscientist of High Performance Sports

  • Head Sport Science & Data Lab in Serie A and B, Neurosecentiate & High Performance Psychologist

  • Creator of the Rusciano Neuroplus® method of neuropotentiation

  • Business consultant for the measurement and development of potential

  • Phd at the University of Padua, university professor

  • Creator and director of the innovative Master in Sport Neuroscience & Human Performance at the CUI (International University Center) of Padua

  • Former professional athlete

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